Roos van der Blom is passionately dedicated to helping people get more out of life by making transformative changes that help them regain a level of vibrant health, vitality and resilient balance.

Her Functional Medicine career has allowed her to work and train with the industry’s best from the United States and Europe. She is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and contributes to her profession by facilitating international seminars. She is the founder of DNA Care and director of an Integrative Health Center in The Netherlands. In addition she works at the Artsencentrum Integrale Geneeskunde Amsterdam (AIGA). She is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Classical Homeopath, EFT Expert practitioner and the Founder of DNA Care, an Integrative Health Destination for people seeking a holistic approach to healing.

Through her in-depth education in the fields of Epigenetics and Neuroscience, and her extensive education in Functional Medicine with multiple specializations, Herbal Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Integrative Nutrition, and Emotional Freedom Techniques, Roos brings together a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to support her patients. She has dedicated almost 20 years of intensive study and application at the highest academic level to be able to integrate these healing modalities into her work and to witness the beautiful therapeutic results of combining these advanced healing modalities.

Roos was inspired to pursue this field of work after recovering from a traumatic neck injury and a benign brain tumor through these powerful mind-body treatments all before turning 25 years old. She is deeply passionate about helping others find the resources they need to heal. “It’s my mission to bring this important body of work to as many people as possible so that they too can find freedom from the conditions that hold them back from reaching their full potential. By helping my patients change their diet, lifestyle, consciousness and the way the brain signals the body, they are empowered to epigenetically change the expression of their DNA. My greatest passion is helping people regain their health so they can live a life of inner freedom and purpose.”

Educational background

Roos studied Classics at the University of Amsterdam. After completing her studies, she received in-depth education in the United States in Neuroscience and Epigenetics. She graduated magna cum laude in Functional Medicine from The School of Applied Functional Medicine, successfully completing all specializations possible, including fertility, autoimmune diseases and methylation. At the Functional Nutritional Alliance, she has been trained as a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor. She also studied at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York where she additionally completed a specialization in hormone health. In addition she received her Advanced Herbal Medicine certification in the United States.

At the internationally accredited training institute EFT Universe, Roos was trained at the highest level to become a Certified EFT Expert practitioner. In addition to this study, she was personally trained for several years by EFT Master and psychotherapist Carol Look in Advanced EFT techniques. She studied Classical Homeopathy in England. In The Netherlands, Roos started the Post Academic Curriculum for Homeopathy (PACH) in 2019.

Currently she is combining her work for DNA Care with obtaining another university degree: in Law School she is specializing in Health Law and Medical Law. In the future she intends to make a difference for people as an attorney with this specialization. Coming from a medical family and having worked in the health care field for many years, she feels a calling to continue her journey to help others by giving them a voice and standing up for their medical rights in addition to her current work as a Functional Medicine expert.

“The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body.”Dr. Palmer

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