Our Approach

By understanding your unique genetic code, you can optimize your health, prevent and even reverse disease, and live a full and vital life. We offer you a breakthrough program to address the root cause of illness and optimize your health and wellbeing.

The food you eat.
The air you breathe.
The quality of thoughts you think.
The stress you feel.

Did you know that it directly impacts the chemistry of your brain and the expression of your genes? According to a ground-breaking body of work known as Epigenetics, scientists have found that our genetic makeup is not set it in stone; it is driven by the way we live our lives! That means…

You have the power to change the way you feel—to influence your entire wellbeing—by choosing to eat healthy food, improve your quality of sleep, take deep breaths, think positive thoughts, release fear, and cultivate a deep belief inside you that you are healing. Yes, your beliefs are just as important as the food you eat. While your body was built to heal itself—to leverage its own mechanisms to restore balance and vitality—there are elements of daily life that hinder its capacity to do so: chemicals, stress, fear, inflammation, and more.

At DNA Care, we’re devoted to identifying the root cause of dis-ease and dysfunction in your body through careful analysis and the targeted clearing of the blockages that live within you—energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally—so that your body is free to do its healing work, and you’re on the path to becoming free to live your life fully.

We leverage the tools of:

• Functional Medicine
• Neuroscience
• Epigenetics
• Integrative Nutrition
• Herbal Medicine
• Classical Homeopathy
• Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

And we specialize in supporting the following:

• Asthma and allergies
• Auto-immune dynamics
• Chronic fatigue
• Dizziness and vertigo
• Fatty liver
• Fibromyalgia
• Food sensitivities
• Headaches and migraine
• Heavy metal toxicity
• Hormone imbalances
• Infertility
• Insulin resistance
• Leaky gut syndrome
• Low-grade inflammation
• Reversing metabolic syndrome
• Thyroid conditions
• Traumatic injury
• Weight issues and difficulty losing weight
• Whiplash

Are you interested in learning how to heal and rebalance your body naturally?

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