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Roos van der Blom is a Functional Medicine practitioner, EFT Expert, and the Founder of DNA Care, an Integrative Health Destination for people seeking a holistic approach to healing.

Through her in-depth education in the field of epigenetics and neuroscience, and her extensive training in Functional Medicine (with a specialization in hormone health), Herbal Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Integrative Nutrition, and Emotional Freedom Techniques, Roos brings together a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to support her patients in repairing and activating their most precious commodity: their DNA.

Passion for the profession
With careful DNA analysis, blood testing, nutrition plans, and a variety of healing modalities, she works to unearth the root cause of imbalance and support the body’s natural capacity for healing.

Roos was inspired to pursue this field of work after recovering from a traumatic neck injury and a benign brain tumor through these powerful mind-body treatments—all before turning 25 years old. Today, she has built a thriving practice in the Netherlands and is deeply passionate about helping others find the resources they need to heal.

Passion for people
“After spending many years fighting for my life and holding onto hope that my circumstances would change, I am not only thriving, but helping others thrive as well.

Since 2012, I’ve been fortunate to build two businesses. One of which is a chiropractic clinic (which I run with my husband, who is a chiropractor) and the other, which is DNA Care. By helping my clients change their diet, lifestyle, and the way the brain signals the body, they are empowered to change the expression of their DNA, making it possible to reprogram the body no matter their predispositions.

It’s my mission to bring this important body of work to as many people as possible so that they too can find freedom from the conditions that hold them back from reaching their full potential. My greatest passion is seeing individuals thrive.”

‘One word frees us of all the pain and weight of life: that word is Love’ – Sophocles

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