Heal from Within, Set Yourself Free

Inside your heart lives a belief, a hope, that you can be free.
Free of physical pain.
Free of anxiety or depression.
Free of the excess weight.
Free of the condition that holds you back from experiencing the joy and 
freedom of vibrant health.

DNA Care is where we get to the root cause of imbalance or illness in your body

It’s where we peel back the onion of your current symptoms or diagnosis, and better understand why your body isn’t healing or fully healthy. And it’s where we do everything possible to support your body’s natural healing abilities.

Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality. Your personalized care plan will radically improve your health and wellbeing as we focus 100% on your individual goals and unique needs to help you create a lifetime of balance and vitality.

Pricing Functional Medicine Health Coaching:

• First consultation: €195,- (60 minutes)
• Consultation: €150,- (50 minutes)

You can schedule a session in person in our Integrative Health Center in Limmen or in the Artsencentrum Integrale Geneeskunde in Amsterdam. It is also possible to schedule a video consultation or a phone consultation.

Analysis of Advanced Laboratory Testing

The fee for the analysis and evaluation of the following options is €100,- per test:
• Genova Organix Comprehensive test
• Genova GI-Map
• Genova DUTCH-test (hormone panel)
• Medivere Darmmicrobioom Plus onderzoek
• NIFGO DNA Paspoort

Support by Phone

In case you would like to receive additional support by phone between sessions for questions that can not wait until your next session, the fee is €30,- per 10 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel or reschedule your session, you can only do this by email ( and within 24 hours before your appointment.

Clients who fail to show for their scheduled appointment or did not notify the office within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment time, shall be subject to a no-show/cancellation fee which is the full fee of the original session. In the event of an actual emergency and prior notice could not be given, consideration will be given, and a one-time exception may be granted.

Disclaimer: Functional Medicine Health Coaching is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment.

Are you interested in learning how to heal and rebalance your body naturally?

Schedule a free 20-minute session to see if we're a good match for your success.


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