• "I can wholeheartedly endorse Roos as one of the most gifted practitioners I have encountered."
    “I have worked with many therapists, energy healers, teachers, and coaches over the years, and I can wholeheartedly endorse Roos as one of the most gifted practitioners I have encountered. Her warmth, sensitivity, and compassion creates a safe space where I feel cared for and heard. She is deeply intuitive, and is able to say just the right thing to help me release negative patterns and be receptive to a new way of being. Each session with her feels like a sacred journey, where I end up in a new, more positive, and healthier place at the end. Roos is a wise soul, one who continues to learn and expand her practice to bring the very best to her clients. I feel blessed to call her my coach.”
    Pamela Driscoll, MA - Boston, USA
  • "I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for support to regain their health and reach their highest potential.”

    "Roos is a very caring, compassionate and understanding practitioner who has helped me on numerous occasions to overcome challenges and to deal with very stressful issues in my life. She is very professional...

    Ute Junghanns, MSc (pharmacist) - Heidelberg, Germany
  • "I was amazed that within only a few days I felt better emotionally and physically, and it’s continued ever since."

    “Roos is a sensitive, intuitive and highly skilled practitioner. She approaches her work with sensitivity, empathy and compassion. One of her greatest assets is...

    Marti Murphy - Albuquerque, USA
  • "She understands and practices the true art of healing."

    “I can highly recommend Roos van der Blom as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Classical Homeopath. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise...

    Frits van der Blom, MD - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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